Bespoke videos for your custom WordPress builds

So, here’s the thing.

WordPress is an incredibly flexible CMS; that’s why you use it.

Your clients like it because it feels familiar, and it’s well-maintained. They love their new site because it uses WordPress but it’s also got lots of custom additions, like extra fields and layout blocks, custom post types that relate to each other, SEO settings and more.

Then one day…

Someone asks when they can have the user guide, or worse,
if they can have some more training.

And then soul death.

Enter Mark, the techie with a human voice.

I’ve developed WordPress websites, themes and plugins since 2008, for a variety of clients. Now I freelance as a developer, digital content producer and voice actor, so I’m combining my skills into a simple service for web agencies like yours.

Custom video tutorials for your websites.

For your next WordPress build, I’ll produce a series of short, helpful videos that guide your users through their own WordPress installation. They see their site name, the fields and settings you’ve laid out for them, and their content.

We can even integrate the tutorials into the WordPress dashboard via a plugin, and you can use oEmbed to place the video content anywhere else on the web. But if you want it to remain private, it will.

Unlike YouTube, videos on Sudovo aren’t searchable, and there’s no chance of a user clicking from their videos to another clients’.

Videos play across platforms, without Flash, and don’t carry any watermarks or branding other than your own.

My style is friendly, and the videos are unscripted (you just let me know what you want your users to learn). That way they feel like they’ve been produced by someone in your studio.

So, are you in?

If not, you’ve spent a lot of time reading this page, so I hope you’ve been entertained.

But if you like the idea of saving time and money, get in touch.
And if you’d like, you can take me for a test-drive.

Drop me an email for a
free sample video